May 1, 2013
(2:40 AM Vision)
GREGORY: I am having a vision of Our Lady standing in the night sky with spheres of stars bursting
from behind her. She appears gloriously dressed in white to compliment this extraordinary event of
nature, stars, thousands of white, silver stars dancing to the glory of the night in honor of God, Our
An infant angel appears to offer her a bouquet of full red roses scented with the eternal joys of
love. She bends down ever so slightly to receive this gift from Heaven and smiles gently at the
angel, caressing its rosy cheeks.
Our Lady then raises the roses for God’s glory to heaven and begins to sing a canticle of love for
God, the Holy Trinity. Her voice sounds like a most beautiful operatic lullaby for all of the souls in
Heaven and on Earth, singing with unknown words.
Mother, why have you appeared?
MARY: I desire to lift your soul beyond this world to Heaven that you may experience the beauty
of God’s love. You have suffered so within your heart these past days due to your concern for you
mother. Let her be free in Spirit to unite her heart to the glory of God’s Word in faith to trust in
Him and His promises for salvation; for eyes have not seen what God has in store for His faithful in
His ultimate and Divine glory.
Come rest your heart within my arms. I am your mother and I love you. Let your heart rest from all
of the preoccupations of the world and free yourself from the bondages of satan’s lies to deceive
your heart from receiving me and my Son.
Yes, let your heart sing with my Immaculate Heart for God’s glory. Live the promises of the Lord,
your God, with a pure heart of trust. Live within my arms and the beauty of His Heart. Turn not to
the past, nor look to the future for all that you receive is today in the gift and miracle of life.
Yes, let your heart be free to love. I am calling you to a place in which you will rise for God’s
greatest glory in being His chosen Son.
Look and see the splendor of the Lord, Who has been so good to you and magnified your heart
with His grace. Proclaim His eternal magnificat of love for the poor, sick, dying and oppressed, for
souls in need of God’s mercy, let your heart shine. Be not afraid to be brilliant in the humility of
God’s love for He has called you to be His precursor of love for all mankind.
Thus, you must give yourself to the sacrifice of love daily.
For the glory of God, Our Father, live in a state of eternal grace and peace. This shall be your gift of
love that shall speak to His people, calling them home to the foot of the Cross where Heaven and
Earth shall be united one day.
GREGORY: And in this moment of ecstacy, I am taken to Heaven where my soul shall rest with the
angels in the splendor of God’s love.
(9:41 AM)
Psalm 144:15
«Blessed the people so fortunate, blessed the people who’s psalm is the Lord.»
GREGORY: My Lord, it gives me great peace to read these words sent to me by a spiritual brother;
for in You I have my peace and my salvation, seeking Your Heart daily to redeem me.
JESUS: Yes, I am the eternal peace mankind is searching for, and yet, so many souls turn their
hearts away from the goodness of My love and from the joy of My mercy.
I desire to give all My Heart’s love to My children and yet, they continue to seek self love through
their own acts of pride in serving, not God, but their own needs. Yes, blessed are the souls who
open their hearts in humility to the gift of My love daily. Blessed are they who rise in the night to
call upon God in prayer, to be in total union with Me in prayer: for it is through prayer in speaking
to My Heart that a soul may grow in a union of peace and love with God and their brothers and
Prayer opens one’s heart to the power and presence of My Spirit, the Holy Spirit. I am asking My
children to pray with simple words from the heart. Not withholding their needs, but opening their
hearts to share all things with their Divine Savior.
Come My little loves and live in peace, the peace of God’s mercy and love each day through
Rest now, my little one. Rest your heart Gregory, and speak to Me of your love. I am with you. I
your Lord and your God am always present. Meditate upon these words of life to fill your spirit
with the joy and peace of serving others.
May 20, 2013
JESUS: Come My child, come and take My hand.
GREGORY: I am now having a vision of Jesus. He is standing on a granite boulder which is part of a
rock formation at the foot of a beautiful, high waterfall.
Jesus raises His arms to the sky, much farther to the heavens, as if to say, «Father, I am here,
present before You and nothing is impossible for God.» His face becomes transformed to pure joy,
shining in the light of the noon day sun. The color of the blue green waterfall is also transformed
through Jesus’ prayer to a rich shade of blue filled with speckles of diamonds.
I have never seen such a beautiful, hope filled vision of mercy, light and truth to illuminate our
souls: for every day we are renewed in the Spirit of God’s grace, in the truth of Pentecost within
our hearts, for the Holy Spirit to fill hearts with light and peace, and the possibilities of a new and
deeper faith.
These past days I had been some what melancholy, since returning from my last mission. Missing
the people I have grown to love so dearly, I was unable to truly express in prayer what I had been
feeling. But Jesus, as usual knows my heart, my needs, and has appeared to open my heart to the
vision and Spirit of hope that He instilled within me to assist Him in His great work of redemptive
joy. He returns my soul in Spirit to the water falling from the mountains that I love so much,
reminding me to stay the course in not being tempted by my emotions, to which I had fallen.
Jesus reaches out His hand from the rock and asks me to come join Him. I do so, climbing rock to
rock from the shore line and through the stream at the base of the fall. I am then able to take His
hand, allowing Him to pull me up two or three feet then climb upon the rock. Jesus smiles and
hugs me.
We begin to speak; I express my sorrow for my sins and for not seeking or returning to His Heart
sooner. He has said in most difficult times to run into His arms and in His mercy He shall redeem
me. Jesus, Who has not said a word continues to smile and I understand that He already knew, He
died, He had the victory for our sins and my life is in His hands. His smile simply says: I am glad that
you returned and although you convict yourself, My mercy is greater than any sin, the least to the
greatest, to redeem and bring joy.
Once again, I shrug my shoulders with the enlightenment and amazement of His words, as well as
my stupidity, bowing my head before Him as He takes my cheeks in His hands and kisses the top of
my head.
Jesus, I love You. Why have You brought me here? And do You have a message for Your children?
JESUS: Yes, My child, My Heart grieves with hope for all of My children to return to the Sanctuary
of My Heart. I understand your sins and your sorrows. It is My greatest desire to redeem and to
bring souls into the holy joy of the Spirit of My love. The love that redeems and gives hope and
courage to the poor of heart, so that each soul may persevere, rising beyond your circumstance,
your suffering to receive new life.
I wanted you to return with Me to a place that you love so much; to witness the beauty of your
soul reflected through my eyes of redemption in the merciful waters of My love, the falling waters
of the mountains that sparkle with diamonds and pearls, the magnified green hue of the trees to
give you true hope, great hope in who you are and in all that I have called My children to be in
living My example of purity and love for God and one another.
Isn’t it beautiful, My child? Let go, let go, for yesterday is yesterday and the trials of the past week
are no longer true if you have learned the importance of humbly returning to Me. You are safe.
You are loved and you fulfilled a good work. Now it is time to continue the work as in the falling
waters, with diamonds of light and hope, and unseen pearls of miraculous love, miracles of love
that I shall perform through your heart. Come let us start a new day, renewed in My love.
Rest now, rest within my arms and when you awake you shall see differently. Arise and shine My
love for life is waiting for you.
I love you. This message speaks not only to your heart, but to the poor, sick, dying and oppressed
in need of My mercy. Give witness to the Belief that Nothing is Impossible for God!
I love you, I love you; I love each one of you in the words of God, Our Father and my dearest
Mother of the Light of Jesus.
May 21, 2013
GREGORY: My Lord and my love, I believe in the beauty of the waters of Your Divine Mercy filled
with the diamonds and pearls of hope that fall from Heaven, to be poured within our hearts from
the Sacred Heart of Your Cross, the Holy Cross of sacrifice, which is love and the light of all eternity
to forgive and redeem, to purify and grant us Your compassionate grace.
JESUS: Yes, My child, it is love that redeems; for in love, one receives the compassionate mercy of
My Heart, which was sacrificed on the Cross for the redemption of souls. The Cross is Love and
Love is the Cross and I am calling all souls in the name of My Father to the foot of the Cross to
repent, and be redeemed in the joy of My holy mercy that gives life, filling a soul with the Divine
waters of love that purify and renews hope in the light of forgiveness.
Do you understand?
GREGORY: Yes, my Lord, it is through the compassionate mercy of Your Sacred Heart of Love for all
humanity that we are redeemed.
JESUS: Yes, My child, which is why I am calling all souls to live in the glorious light of My mercy and
love by entrusting their hearts to Me daily, in surrendering to the joy of love, to the peace of hope
and forgiveness.
Gregory, I want you to simply be at peace in loving Me. This is all I ask of Your soul and the first law
of God for His people. Do not be concerned for the things of the world that shall fade in the
passing of a night. Let your heart and soul be free. Free to live in the glorious light of My love for
all eternity. Seek Me in love above all things and you shall be granted the keys to the Kingdom of
Heaven through love. Fly in the glory of My love to fulfill these words.
I know that you are concerned for many things, but most importantly focus your heart on prayer,
on Me. Live within My Heart where you shall live in peace. Prayer is peace fulfilled by love. Let
your heart sing of My love. Entrust everything to Me and you shall see the glory of My love fulfill
all things.
Come to Me.
GREGORY: I am now having a vision of Jesus. He is still standing upon the boulder from last nights
vision, but the water fall is no longer present. Only slow moving waters that surround the base of
the rock. The waters become illuminated. They become moving streams of light and Jesus raises
His hands to Heaven.
I know that He is praying for Me at this moment, asking Our Father to grant me His mercy. His eyes
become filled with light and Jesus embraces me with His right arm.
JESUS: I am eternal love for all souls in need of My mercy. Come and let Me take you into the light.
GREGORY: The light from the stream rises and surrounds us. We are now consumed by this holy
light, as Jesus continues to embrace me.
Within the light, I can see the country of China. Jesus asks me to pray for the conversion of this
country. He also reveals the countries of India and Africa, requesting prayer for the conversion of
souls. He smiles sadly as if to say, «Only I can do so much, then mankind must make the choice to
do the rest, in responding to My call for peace through conversion.»
I can feel His sadness within His eyes.
JESUS: My child, pray for the courage to entrust your Heart to Me daily and to stand within the
heart of My Word. Pray for the strength to love Me in sacrifices for the glory of My holy will.
GREGORY: May Your words live as a prayer within My Heart.
A fire now appears covering these countries and the vision ends with the light dissipating and
Jesus holding me in His arms.
Sometimes love has no words to speak, only acts to live.
May 25, 2013
JESUS: My dear child, let us speak of the true joy of love.
GREGORY: I am having a vision of Jesus. He is standing upon a rock holding the Dove of the Holy
Spirit within His right hand. His arm is extended upward, as if Jesus is going to release the Dove to
flight, great flights of love, but the Holy Spirit does not fly away from His hand.
The vision then transforms to Jesus on the Cross, crying out, «Father, Father why have you
forsaken Me.»
I now ask JESUS: Forgive me of my sins, forgive me of all my transgressions, which have so
wounded Your tired and hope filled Heart; for You are the giver of all hope. I love You, Jesus.
Please help me to love You more so each day. I need Your love.
JESUS: Allow Me to consume your heart with the true joy and glory of My Heart.
My dear child, I love you as well. Be at peace for I forgive you of all your sins. Do not allow satan to
confuse you with thoughts of the past, which have no meaning for today. Every day is new in love.
Allow My love to renew you. Let us sing of love together.
GREGORY: O my Jesus, I love You.
JESUS: My dear child, do you know why I was holding the Dove of the Spirit within My hand and
the vision then transformed to My holy Passion on the Cross, crying out for My Father, My Father’s
I am in eternal need of My Father, My Father’s love to sustain Me through the power of the Holy
Spirit for We are One in Love, and without My passionate death and resurrection, there would be
no Pentecost to receive the gift of the joy of My Spirit, the Holy Spirit.
In My greatest Passion, the greatest Passion for all mankind, We were One in love!
The love of My Father and of the Spirit were always with Me to death and in My Resurrection to
My Father, the love of My Father, and of the Spirit will never end in My victory over death and
darkness. The Holy Trinity united as One for the redemption of the world.
May 27, 2013
GREGORY: Mother, mother, take me into the Heart of your Son.
I am having a vision of Mary. She is wearing a white gown with a train made of white roses. Her
long, dark, wavy hair falls over the back of her shoulders to the middle of her back. Our Lady is
amazingly beautiful, dressed as the Eternal Queen of Heaven, and the Bride of the Holy Spirit. She
looks back at me, holding a bouquet of white roses, smiling as if to say come follow me.
MARY: Come, come my little love. Let me, your Lady and Queen, lead you within the Heart of my
Son as you desire. Let me lead you into the beauty of Heaven’s love, into the beauty of the stars of
the night that shine brilliantly in His love. Let me sing to your heart of His love for all mankind, all
of my children in the name of Jesus.
Come and follow me on this eternal path of sanctity to purify your heart and grant you the love
that you desire to give to my children. Be not afraid my little love, be not afraid in the name of
Jesus. Stand tall in the humility of His love to guide you with confidence and truth.
I have come from Heaven to announce a new day of life for the poor. I have come to bring light
and hope to the weary of heart and those who are oppressed by the darkness of satan. Yes, let
your heart sing of this day. Pray the true strength of God’s love to lead you as He so desires. Come
and be a bride groom of the Holy Sprit of the Light.
I know that you are concerned for my children and how you will be able to attend to all of their
needs. What is most important is that you keep your heart focused on your faith and following the
path of my Son. We shall guide you in truth and in love. Be at peace. Be at peace always to love
Jesus. You are also concerned for some one to harm your heart, to harm you, but we shall protect
you in God’s love. Do not feel vulnerable, but most secure in Who We are to guide you. Entrust
your heart to the glory of the light and follow the paths of the doors, which open in God’s name
for the glory of the light, to be fulfilled like a fire of hope in the hearts of my children.
May 28, 2013
GREGORY: I am having a vision of Our Lady of the Light. She is suspended by grace in the night sky
with the beauty of the stars and a sapphire sky. Our Lady is dressed in white, raising her hands to
Heaven for the glory of the night, the glory of Heaven and Earth that shall one day be united in the
eternal love and redemption of her Son.
Let this be her prayer, her hope for all humanity to be redeemed into the holy light of grace that
shall lead us through the victory and power of the light of the Cross over darkness. Let us seek the
hope of her prayer in fulfilling our faith through a deeper conversion daily.
Our Lady begins to cry with joy. She is being consumed by the Eternal One, His eternal love and
suspends her beyond the laws of nature in the Spirit of Life.
This is life in that nothing is impossible for God! His amazing work in the creation of the
Immaculate Conception. May she lead us to His place of grace.
MARY: I have come to bring life and the light of joy, the joy of My Son, Jesus to this world of
sorrow so in need of His mercy. May His glory shine through me and my Immaculate Heart.
Gregory, do you desire to travel on mission to Spain and Panama? They are waiting, the hearts of
the people desire your presence in me and the love of my Son. You may also be lead to Panama
and it is my desire that you speak with Leo. He is waiting for you in Venezuela and Peru. The
people are calling my Immaculate Heart. Let me lead you there. Let this be my prayer for your
heart that every soul throughout the world, who desires, shall receive my message. I shall ask Our
Father to lead you, petitioning to the Throne of Heaven, and open your heart to the humility of the
help that we shall send you to organize all things. Be not afraid, although you feel unworthy.
I know that you have always felt deep within that you are nothing because of the sorrow of the
tragedy in your life. I am asking you to rise into the stars of the night of Heaven and from there,
your voice shall call the people in the name of my Son to redemption through these words. Be
yourself. Do not hide your pain for it has great value for God to give you strength in your
weakness. Let us be your strength. Do not try to find strength within yourself, as the world
prescribes, but in God and only God.
GREGORY: Mother, I am tired of trying to be strong.
MARY: Let Jesus carry you into the light of His strength, His victory of the Cross. Let your heart be
free for the love of God and the people.
My message is for peace, conversion and redemption for the preparation of my Son’s Coming. Set
your heart free to His love. Let His voice be heard through you. We shall grant you the greatest
words spoken from Heaven for the redemption of souls in these end times. Let your voice sing of
the light. You must sing of hope for the people.
GREGORY: Mother, I don’t know what to do? Please guide me.
MARY: I have spoken truth. I, The Madonna, have spoken in love for my children and to carry your
heart into the loving, trusting embrace of Jesus.
Be at peace my children and be not afraid.
May 31, 2013
MARY: My dear child, come to me. Come and let us sing of eternal tomorrows, in which those who
have chosen shall live in the true glory of God’s grace.
GREGORY: I am having a vision of Our lady. She is wearing a white bridal gown that is loosely fitted
to the silhouette of her Immaculate Body, which illuminates the surrounding darkness of the night
sky. Her hair, as in the vision from the night before, is long, dark and drapes loosely over her
shoulders. Mary is standing with her back towards me, turns her head and begins to smile. Her
smile is elegant in the beauty of her humble gaze.
A field of rose petals begin to fall from Heaven. O the beauty of this vision of Mary in her satin
white gown, standing in the darkness with red petals being poured from Heaven upon her. She is
truly the Queen of the Prince of Peace being crowned by the graces of God’s hand.
MARY: Come, my child, and allow these petals of grace to fall within your heart, to be poured as
waters of God’s sorrowful mercy for the forgiveness of your sins and the sins of the whole world.
May the joy of His Resurrection fill your heart with this vision of light and peace, calling all men to
the foot of the Cross to repent and become true brides of Christ. May the joy of Heaven live within
your heart and the hearts of your brothers and sisters.
Peace, peace and only peace comes from loving Jesus.
GREGORY: A Cross of golden light now appears in the sky above Mary and she ascends to kneel
before the light of God’s mercy, being poured through the power and victory of the Holy Cross.
Rays of light begin to shine and illuminate the heavens with God’s love, falling upon the earth as
Mary enters into a state of prayer. An example of love and hope for all mankind to follow and live
according to God’s Divine Will of grace for humanity.
The vision ends with Mary raising her hands to Heaven, glorifying God in a state of eternal peace.