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June 12th, 2019

My dear, dear child, allow me to love you in the joy of my mercy in seeking all that is good of heart each day, according to my will.

Continue to seek me in  the joy of my love each day, so that I may guide  and uplift you within my arms of mercy in the light of redemption.

I desire to carry all of my children into the light of my love each day for the forgiveness of their sins, and for the forgiveness of your sins, my child, so that you may grow in the joy and hope of my mercy.

Yes grow in my mercy and by doing so, you shall be redeemed into the light of my love each day. Yes, singing a new song of love your brothers and sisters, knowing and trusting that I am with you and I shall not abandon you. I shall not abandon them in all of their needs, so that your lives may be fulfilled.

My father desires that all of his children live in the goodness of his graces and blessings. He desires it in the goodness of his joy,  by living in a state of of grace, in adoration and gratitude to God for all that he’s done for each one of you.

Pray, pray, pray for the joy of peace within your hearts each day that my love may fill your hearts and that you may grow in the hope of the redemption of my mercy for the Salvation and light of your souls.

I love you, I love you be not afraid my children but seek my love each day.

June 9th, 2019 Pentecost message.


O Holy Spirit enter my soul that you may consume me in the beauty of your love this day, in the love of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and you, Holy Ghost, to be united within my heart, and take me to new heights of love to serve my brothers and sisters, to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Yes, come and consume me. Take me for nothing is impossible God. May it done to me according to God’s will; for in the silence of this early morning light, in the beauty of the passing night, and the hope of day nothing is impossible fot God. And may the eternal joy of this moment in the universe, live forever within my soul.


My dear child, on this eternal day of Pentecost, I desire that you receive the Holy Spirit daily to consume your soul with the eternal light of wisdom and light of the faith, to be a light in the Darkness.

This is the eternal purpose of your life and through these messages of love, I am calling all of my children to receive the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of an eternal Pentecost within their hearts that shall allow them to shine brightly as children of the light, children of God’s goodness, mercy and joy.

All things are fulfilled through the Spirit according to God’s will. All things for the good of the love of my children, for those who desire to follow me; for I am the way, the truth and the light.

My dear children, open your hearts in prayer to receive the Holy Spirit that through the fire of our Divine love, the love of the Holy Trinity, your hearts shall grow in faith, hope and love for God and one another, for peace throughout the world.

I love you, I love each one of you. Seek the light and pray to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Meditate upon them, love them, let them fill your souls.

June 8th, 2019


My dear child, in this time of rest that I am giving you, in the beauty of your home, in the joy of the silence of your garden, you are also seeking to protect yourself, but I am your Divine protector and you must not allow fear to enter and control your heart.

You must continue to offer yourself in love to me and others. You must continue to offer yourself in love to all of your brothers and sisters. Especially those who have hurt and offended you; for they are few in comparison to the many who have offended me throughout the history of all Humanity.

Therefore, I’m asking you to continue to open your heart to me, in offering yourself daily as a living sacrifice through prayer, in faith and receiving me. Offer to me all that is within your heart and speak to me of all that has hurt or offended you, so that I may heal and give you peace.

You must continue to be patient, merciful and kind, and to love others with great mercy and compassion to give your all. This I ask of you and all of my children because I understand that life and its hardships, it’s concerns can make one weary and afraid.

These are also the things that I desire for you to share from your heart for your brothers and sisters, which is one of the reasons why I desire for you to receive me and write daily for the glory of my name.

Do not let your heart be discouraged Gregory, and continue to persevere in the strength of the faith with great courage and hope.


Jesus, I love you. I love you. Take me within your heart and within your arms into the joy of life this day. The miracle of of your love!

May 24th, 2019


My Lord, my Lord, there are so many souls throughout the world that are suffering. Who feel lonely and afraid, abandoned and know not what to do.

Oh my Jesus, you can help them for nothing is impossible for those who believe, for those who place their faith in you to sustain them. Your mercy is greater then all human knowledge and your love fulfills all things for the good of your children. Pour your love and mercy upon the world, upon all souls in need at this moment.


My dear, dear child, open your heart at this moment to the light of my eternal love that I may consume you in the joy of my mercy for all souls in need of love.

I am asking all souls throughout the world to offer your hearts to me daily for a deeper conversion of the faith, so that your hearts may be fulfilled my little lambs by the joy of my love. The true joy of opening your hearts to me in prayer, so that we may grow in a deeper relationship with one another.

Yes, open your hearts to the eternal light of my love each day in offering yourselves to my mercy. Especially in times that are most difficult in your lives, in the passions of your lives that I may console your hearts and give you a greater strength to face life each day with a greater hope and trust in me.

Always saying that I need you my love and my Savior. I need the mercies and graces of your heart to console me and to renew my spirit.

I understand each one of your hearts, my dear children. I understand the love that you need. I understand the hope that you desire to continue to persevere with great faith and the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Yes, pray for the Holy Spirit to enter your hearts each day. Pray to receive the gifts and graces of the spirit to renew your souls, to heal you of all that needs to be healed heart, mind, body, and soul.

Yes, my dear children. Yes! Let your lives be a yes for me daily that you may rise in the strength of the light to carry you forth, for the redemption and salvation of your souls to live in the light always.

I love you, I love you and I am always with you. May the power of light of my resurrection restore your hearts each day.

June 2nd, 2019

The Virgin Mary

My dear child, come to me and let your heart sing of my son’s mercy and through his love, your heart shall be redeemed daily in the joy and peace of loving Jesus.

Yes, I am asking you and all of your brothers and sisters throughout the world to seek the merciful love of my son, so that your hearts may grow in love each day, in love for God, and in love for your brothers and sisters, who are so in need.

Let your hearts be the Heart of Jesus, so that others may experience his great love through each one of you. Without believing, without the gift of faith in trusting in Jesus daily, in seeking his heart, and surrendering yourselves and your lives to him, you cannot grow in faith.

The true way of faith starts with love, in allowing my son to love you to be in a deeper relationship with him. Then through his love, your hearts and souls shall blossom in the eternal joy of the light to become lights of love for others.

Yes, my Immaculate Heart waits for you each day. My heart cries for you each day. My heart cries when you cry for all of your needs and desires. I am a mother and I am your mother. My son is the Eternal God, your Savior, and you must never forget that he is your friend and brother.

I want you to be free in your hearts to sacrifice all to love Jesus. I am with you, as he is with you. Let your hearts be consumed by the light to live in the light.

Let your hearts live in the light to become light.

Pray, pray, pray for peace throughout the world that the love of God may always prevail.



Message 3/1/19

Jesus: My dear, dear child, may the eternal light of My love fill your  heart with peace, the peace of My mercy, the peace of My eternal hope this day that shall lead you according to the eternal joy of My ways. May the eternal light of My love guide you from within My arms and within My heart that you may see as I see in the hope of My mercy for My children. Yes, My dear child, let us sing of hope together that your heart may be filled with My compassion and mercy, and that your heart may know that I am God. I am love for all souls who desire to offer their hearts at the foot of My Cross. Yes, I am the eternal way of light and life. I am He, Who came and was rejected. I am light and mercy for all souls who desire to receive me.

I love you. I love you. Ponder these words. Meditate upon them in giving thanks for all that I have done for you. In knowing that I am God and I can fulfill all things in the hope of My mercy to redeem you. May the world one day know of our love that your voice may sing to the poor and rich, the leaders of all nations weak or strong, and most in need of My mercy; for every man is being called to the hope of My love, to conversion and peace daily. I love all and I embrace all. Yes, let your heart sing of hope through humility and love for My children.

I love you.

Jesus: My dear, dear child, open your heart this day to the eternal love of My Cross, and may the power of the light of My Spirit sanctify your soul to renew and create within you a new spirit. I am always with you  and it is my greatest desire to offer you My love that you may be consumed by love daily and led into the light, the holy light of My presence. The holy light of My love to guide and strengthen you in all things. Come into My arms and allow Me to embrace you at this moment. Allow Me to take your hand and lead you into the merciful abyss of My Sacred Heart for all eternity.

For as the moon rises and the sun begins to set, as the light of day twilights and the stars in Heaven announce their eternal hope to all of mankind, let your heart sing to all soul of all souls of My mercy. Let your heart sing to all souls of the hope of your Savior that that they may know and seek Me for the needs and desires of their hearts. So very few of My children choose to pray with great diligence.The great diligence necessary to end wars, to bring peace, to change and convert hearts, to unite families in peace and joy. I am the eternal light of all humanity and I am asking you to open your heart for all that I desire to give you.

Gregory: Jesus, help me. Take me within Your arms of light and consume me in Your love for all eternity. O how I need You. O how I love You. Yes, take me forever and let our hearts sing of hope for all eternity.

Jesus: My dear child, release to Me all of the burdens of your heart and rejoice, giving thanks to God, Our Father, for all that He has done for you; for all nations shall one day call you blessed for the work of redemption that you are fulfilling. Call all souls for the hour  is near. Call them to My love and mercy, to repent and convert that they may live in peace. Let your heart sing of the peace of repentance. Let your heart sing to all mankind of loving their Savior. I am with you. Continue to pray for great humility, which is the key to fulfilling your mission and calling according to My will. Let your heart sing of love.

June 3rd, 2019 

2nd Message


I love you, Father. I love you. Everything is love, and everything is love in you. Take me Father, take me within your heart and within your arms this day.

Heal me in your love. Where I am blind, help me to see that I may not walk without eyes of faith to know and to love my brothers and sisters.

You are light and you are life. Take me, my light and life. Hold me tightly that I may never leave you.

Thank you. Thank you, Father for all that you have done for me and as you have blessed me, may you too be blessed through my desire to love you and the love of all your children.

May the Eternal Light of this day that now arises shine brightly within my heart for love.

June 3rd, 2019

God our Father

My dear child, open your heart to the light. Open your heart to eternal light of the Holy Spirit, and through the power of the wisdom and gifts of my Spirit, I shall guide you.

Yes, let your heart now feel the peace of my Spirit within your soul that shall consume you in this night of love for the redemption of your heart and the redemption of your brothers and sisters, so in need of the hope of my salvation, through the conversion of their hearts.

Yes, let your heart feel the peace of this night in the still song of my voice in nature, in the beauty of the wind and the palms, the flowers as well as the gifts of the providence of my love.You shall see with greater eyes of faith, the things that I have in store for you.

Let your heart sing for your brothers and sisters through my voice, through the words of my heart and my will for my children, who are so in need of my healing mercy that forgives.

I am calling all of my children throughout the world to offer their hearts to the forgiveness of my mercy and repent, repent before it is too late. I am now giving you time in my merciful love and through my call to your hearts to say that I am your Father and I love you. I shall never abandon you. I shall take you within my arms for you are my children and through your faith, I am calling you in the night to rise in the day to know and love me, and to know and love others.

I am always with you and through my love, peace shall always reign in your hearts. This is my promise of love to be true for I love each one of you.

June 6, 2019


Father, Father, I love you and in the beauty of this night, as the sun rises take me within your heart to the Eternal Paradise of your love. Take me in your mercy for the good of all men, for the good of my brothers and sisters throughout the world, as we are united in prayer for your children.

I can feel you in everything. I can feel your presence in the beauty of the silence of the night wind, in the joy of the roosters crowing, sounding a new dawn. A new dawn as the sun rises within the clouds, and the palm leaves dance ever so slightly, to the song of a new day.

God our Father

My son, I am in everything, for I am all things. I am all things good, pure, and true for the hearts of my people, for I am love.

It is my desire that you give witness to me, to my presence in all things. Especially in nature, for there is great peace to be found in nature. The peace that I created for the hearts of men to experience my presence in the beauty of all creation. The grace of creation is peace.

So let your heart sing freely in spirit, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Let your heart sing to my children of love this day. Let your heart sing of the great hope that I desire to give to humanity through my love, and my call for them to love me and their brothers and sisters.

Peace, peace, peace can only be achieved through love.


June 2nd,  2019

God our Father

I am your father and you may always come to me to seek my love; for I am always waiting for you in the beauty of the night, where the silence can consume our souls, and we may rise together with the sunlight to know that there is hope.

Hope in our prayers. Hope within your heart. Hope in seeking me for all of the answers of your life in every circumstance, and every struggle and joy to persevere in faith.

Yes, come and let me love you every night to prepare your heart for the glory of the day, of each new day that you may  rise in faith for the love of your. brothers and sisters, for the love of your family and excellence of your work to serve and glorify me.

These things, I ask of all of my children that your hearts may be fulfilled through love, and in life to hear the Eternal Birds of your hearts sing a new song, a new way that shall never be forgotten; for I have the power to make all things new. I created life and I desire to give you new life.

Give your heart’s a chance to be renewed and experience great peace and joy. I love you and I shall always love you.

My Lord, my Lord I need you.

Cover me with the power of your eternal precious blood to protect me from all evil and the attacks of the evil one. Satan himself and all of the demons of hell. Send your Holy Angels at this moment to defeat them and to renew my strength from this battle. Yes my Lord send them at this moment.

My dear child. I am thankful that you came to me for Satan desires to harm you but I shall not allow him to do so. He desires to place fear and great discouragement, hopelessness and despair within your heart but continue to strand strong within the heart to my heart and rest within the heart of my love. I shall draw you nearer and nearer to me and the graces of my blessing at this moment. I shall give you rest now, as he has been attacking you throughout the night. You may rest within my arms and within the embrace of my love.

Yes my child give thanks to God our Father for all that he has done for you in raising you in the eternal beauty of the light. Yes let your heart sing for the good and redemption of all souls through my merciful love and compassion for their hearts. Yes let your heart sing of the beauty of life this day and never again will  you experience these attacks in staying close to me. In drawing closer and closer to my love each day. Yes, let your heart sing of my eternal light and love. Yes, let your heart sing of the hope of my mercy.

My dear, dear child, come into my arms at this moment and allow me to cover you in the precious blood of my love that your heart may be at peace and rise in the glory of hope this day, in knowing and trusting that I am always with you.

Yes, let your heart rest in my love and the the peace of my mercy. Praise God for all that is good and the blessings that he has given you. To not let your heart be discouraged but find hope in me.

I love you. I love you. I shall always love you.