About the receiver

And Jesus said to Gregory, «Do this one thing and you will be mine.»


And Jesus said to Gregory, «Do this one thing and you will be mine. Surrender! This is the flame of love that calls all souls to My mercy. This is My hope for mankind to live in peace.»

Since August of 1991, at the age of thirty, Gregory has been receiving daily messages and visions from God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary, calling all souls to conversion, repentance, and peace in preparation for the Second Coming of Christ, and to be a messenger of God’s love.

Gregory, a Third Order Franciscan whose life is dedicated to the Lord, guides us along a journey in the beauty and serenity of God’s love and faith, eternal and miraculous.

In this journal of inspirational messages, day after day we are brought closer to God’s love to rise beyond fear and despair, where peace and joy are not only possible, but exist within our hearts. We are called to return to the arms of God that will illuminate our souls, our hearts, and our lives.

As the Lord has asked of him, he is sharing throughout the world these messages of God’s infinite love, hope, and compassion with the blessing of his spiritual director and by the invitation of Priests and Bishops to speak at their parishes and cathedrals.

On behalf of our Lord, he calls all souls Back Home to the foot of the Cross; from darkness to Light through repentance and conversion of heart, and tells us: «It is through God’s love and mercy that we are called to live in the hope and joy of His resurrection for eternity.»

Mission Statement

My dear brothers and sisters, we are being called to live in the light of peace, the hope of divine mercy and the dignity of being children of God, children of the Light.

We are being called to rise to new heights of faith, to new mountains of love that shall transform our hearts into the likeness of Christ, that we may live in the true joy and forgiveness of His love. In loving one another, as He so loves us.

In the name of Jesus, Who is love.

In the name of Jesus, Who is love.
In the name of He, Who sacrificed Himself
as a gift of love for the redemption
of mankind. Sacred Heart Missions are consecrated
to sharing Mary’s Heart messages of repentance,
peace and conversion, for all souls throughout
the world in need of God’s mercy.

All non-profit donations are received with gratitude in support of the missions, the publication of Mary’s Heart, upcoming books, videos, and most importantly, to be an embrace of love for the poor, sick, dying and oppressed, to console their hearts with a promise of peace and hope from the messages of Our Lord and Our Lady.

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