These messages have been reviewed and cleared for public reading as Private Revelations.

From a lover of Mary

 These messages have been reviewed and cleared for public reading as «Private Revelations» by a Catholic priest of the Marian Movement before they were placed on the web site. They contain information in accordance with the teachings and morals of the Roman Catholic Church and are intended to be read by all the children of God, regardless of their faith. The messages are in the process of obtaining the «Nihil Obstat / Imprimatur Status». The messenger’s visions and words within the messages are in Italics.

“The flight of love is the flight of faith; a miracle of life each day in the Heart of God. Overcome your fears by simply trusting in the moment life is giving you . Conquer your fears through love with wings of faith, wings forged by courage and light through the power of God´s Mercy .”

Our Lady of the Ligh

Messages 2001

January 3, 2001 JESUS: My dear child, thank you for coming to Me. I am present in all things. Let your heart speak to the depths of My Heart that you may not be attacked by the evil one that is attempting to deceive you. Lift up your heart to the 'Golden Light' of My...

Messages 1999

MARY: Be good to my Son. He is in need of discipleswho love him in these times of sorrow.GREGORY: Mother, I have a deep burden upon myheart for my mother. The dream I had of her cryingthis morning still leaves me with a feeling of unrest.I also feel sadness for all...